United Airtek


United Airtek is designing lightweight, ergonomic clamps for aircraft wiring that reduces the physical strain on worker’s muscles. Not only are these clamps easier for workers to assemble, they are also less expensive, lighter and gentle on the miles of aircraft wiring. Standard clamps are heavy, rigid, expensive and tend to break or damage the wiring in the aircraft over time. United Airtek’s solution is a 2-sided interconnecting clamp that comfortably fits to the wiring in the aircraft.

Aircafts have MILES of wiring throughout the vessel that require anywhere from 1,000-15,000 clamps per unit. If wiring is not clamped down properly, it could lead to fatal accidents. With these standard clamps damaging the wiring in the aircraft, maintenance and time are needed to make sure the aircraft can fly. Installing additional clamps that are prone to breaking is a hassle and take minutes to assemble. UAT’s interconnecting clamp take a few seconds to set up and reducing the strain on worker’s hand muscles.

These clamps are also half the weight of traditional clamps. With less weight in the aircraft, more technology could be installed or there would be room for additional people on the aircraft. So much time and money that could be saved with these revolutionary clamps!