Expex INC.

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Expex is an application designed to make bookkeeping less tedious for small and medium sized businesses. This automated application is built to make bookkeeping easy, inexpensive & efficient. Some features that Expex offers cannot be found in regular bookkeepers. With Expex, you get enhanced financial visibility and cashflow. The Expex application has an artificial intelligence assistant named Carly that handles all of your expenses. You can view all of your accounts and payments on the Expex dashboard and it will let you know what needs attention and what is all OK. You can look at your current cash position, your bills and balances and you can even get an audit trail for all of your transactions. Expex is even integrated with QuickBooks making is beneficial for everyone (even bookkeepers) to use!

Expex provides better bookkeeping, improved cashflow, up-to-date notifications and an overall healthier business.