Dr. Thomas Rosano: National Toxicology Center

Dr. Thomas Rosano and the team of trained toxicologists at the National Toxicology Center (NTC) have been producing consistent and accurate definitive drug testing results for years. NTC’s definitive drug testing solution can analyze more than 100 different unknown agents in urine, hair, and blood samples. NTC is based out of Albany, NY but hospitals, clinics and courts from around the country can send samples to NTC to be analyzed in as short as 2 days! To get in touch with the National Toxicology Center check out NTClab.com for more information.

Expex INC.

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Expex is an application designed to make bookkeeping less tedious for small and medium sized businesses. This automated application is built to make bookkeeping easy, inexpensive & efficient. Some features that Expex offers cannot be found in regular bookkeepers. With Expex, you get enhanced financial visibility and cashflow. The Expex application has an artificial intelligence assistant named Carly that handles all of your expenses. You can view all of your accounts and payments on the Expex dashboard and it will let you know what needs attention and what is all OK. You can look at your current cash position, your bills and balances and you can even get an audit trail for all of your transactions. Expex is even integrated with QuickBooks making is beneficial for everyone (even bookkeepers) to use!

Expex provides better bookkeeping, improved cashflow, up-to-date notifications and an overall healthier business.

United Airtek


United Airtek is designing lightweight, ergonomic clamps for aircraft wiring that reduces the physical strain on worker’s muscles. Not only are these clamps easier for workers to assemble, they are also less expensive, lighter and gentle on the miles of aircraft wiring. Standard clamps are heavy, rigid, expensive and tend to break or damage the wiring in the aircraft over time. United Airtek’s solution is a 2-sided interconnecting clamp that comfortably fits to the wiring in the aircraft.

Aircafts have MILES of wiring throughout the vessel that require anywhere from 1,000-15,000 clamps per unit. If wiring is not clamped down properly, it could lead to fatal accidents. With these standard clamps damaging the wiring in the aircraft, maintenance and time are needed to make sure the aircraft can fly. Installing additional clamps that are prone to breaking is a hassle and take minutes to assemble. UAT’s interconnecting clamp take a few seconds to set up and reducing the strain on worker’s hand muscles.

These clamps are also half the weight of traditional clamps. With less weight in the aircraft, more technology could be installed or there would be room for additional people on the aircraft. So much time and money that could be saved with these revolutionary clamps!


CytoMIST is developing a microchip that can bind to diseased cells to mark them for cancer or other illnesses. This chip can detect if something is wrong with the cell and alert doctors and researchers about the components of the cell.

This technology can accurately depict the diseased cells in a sample and could be used to save millions of lives.

National Toxicology Center

The National Toxicology Center (NTC) is innovating new drug testing methods at the Center for Medical Sciences in Albany, NY. NTC applies robotics and advanced instrumentation for definitive drug testing. This analytical solution uncovers the dangerous compounds that new psychoactive drugs are made with. For example, when people buy random drugs off of the streets, they are not sure what the pill is actually made of. This use of technology allows researchers to discover exactly what is in a sample and how much of it was present. The National Toxicology Center brings new definitive testing to those fighting against drug abuse.