New Partner News: Introducing Our.News, Peak Neuro Group, Trophecase and Pharmaceutic Labs



In the growing world of “fake news”, Our.News combats misinformation by making it easy for anyone to fact-check and rate news themselves, essentially, crowdsourcing fact-checking and also have a news-ratings component. Partnered with the UAlbany Innovation Center for news stories around the world. Founded by Richard Zack in 2016 out of Troy, NY, it is a new approach to determine the truth in news. Using Our.News you can rate the truth of any news article yourself, it is then computed into ratings across the community, and delivers back an overall score of the truth based on four metrics: Spin, Trust, Accuracy and Relevance.



Peak Neuro Group is leading the way experts view neurological procedures. A UAlbany Innovation Center company based in Troy, N.Y., Founder Michael Riley and the Peak Neuro Group offer hospitals throughout the Capital Region with what they say is a new and safer way to preform procedures. The company provides intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) equipment to assess a patient’s nervous system during high-risk procedures as well as trained, high-caliber clinicians to provide additional guidance to the surgical team. This technology can be used to eliminate the deciding factor of positive surgical outcomes or permanent neurological injury.



Trophecase is a BizLab NY Startup Company based out of Albany, NY. Founded by Hunter Moffatt, Trophecase is changing the way athletes of all ages network and gain exposure. The mobile application provides athletes with a personal multimedia profile that combines sports statistical data with social media networking capabilities. Whether you’re looking to put all your current sports pages and highlights in one place for recruiters, or build your TropheCase from scratch, you'll find it there.



Pharmaceutic Labs is a BACC company based out of the Capital Region founded by Ernesto Samuel, a St. Rose Undergraduate who obtained his M.B.A at St. John’s University. Pharmaceutic Labs was founded in 2013 with the vision to be the outsourcing pharmaceutical distributor facility of choice for admixing, compounding and specialty products, and providing some of the best patient care in North America.

Partner Spotlight: Albany Law School

Start-up Pro Bono Legal Assistance

A vital benefit for startups and entrepreneurs is understanding the value of working with an attorney and being provided with qualified legal assistance.

Innovate 518 is able to make these critical services available to the startup and entrepreneurial community through a partnership with Albany Law School’s Community Development Clinic. The Clinic is the only Innovate 518-affiliated partner providing pro bono legal services.

Albany Law students participate in intake meetings with clients and program staff of Innovate 518, the region’s innovation hotspot, who has referred a number of clients to the Clinic.

“We know that lawyers can play a critical role in the evolution of a start-up venture,” said Professor Edward W. De Barbieri, director of the Community Development Clinic. “Thinking through complex legal issues is what we teach our students to do by doing, by grappling with these challenges here in the clinic and through other coursework at the law school.”

The Clinic—part of the Clinic & Justice Center—launched last December to provide vital assistance to Capital Region clients who cannot afford to pay for legal services.

And it’s been a busy year: in Spring 2017 alone, the Clinic provided brief legal advice or full representation to more than 40 businesses and nonprofits; presented a series of workshops in partnership with the Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region on commercial leasing, basics of employment law, and doing business online; and laid the foundation for its students to pursue careers in business or nonprofit law.

“The Community Development Clinic at Albany Law is an essential partner in Innovate 518. It assists startups that cannot otherwise afford legal representation, and provides them with the utmost professional service to achieve the goals of their business or organization,” said Maria Pidgeon, associate director of Innovate 518. “At the same time, it provides students with real-world practice and rich learning experience to develop the skills and ethics essential to practicing law ethically and competently.”

As for the clinic’s impact on the start-up and entrepreneurial community, De Barbieri said, “for small business clients, clinic representation will result in a more streamlined entity formation and start-up phase, leading hopefully to faster staffing and sales.”



Partner Spotlight: IgniteU

Partner Spotlight: IgniteU



The Accelerator program: Has been established for eight years. They have the ways to increase success rate and generation rate in capital region. They have the tools: Government , University, hospitals, and corporate presence.  This is the third summer with four core teams working and creating within the space. IgniteU uses mentoring, coaching and hands on learning to accelerate the development of the startups they work with. IgniteU NY offers an unique eight-week summer acclerator program for entrepreneurs. The experiential program incorporates aspects of NSF I-Corps Customer Discover and adds general business development and startup education.


August 2nd, IgniteU will be having their final Demo Day in the IgniteU NY space. The startups in IgniteU's summer accelerator program will be giving their final pitch as the conclusion of the 8 week program. The program will begin promptly at 3 pm, so please arrive at 2:45 pm. Hope to see you there!!


3:00 pm Welcome

3:05 pm Pitches Begin

5:00 pm Networking Begins

Partner Spotlight: Troy Innovation Garage

Partner Spotlight: Troy Innovation Garage

With 12 years’ experience in the marketing, consulting& Public relations field; Tom Nardacci has started two great businesses and has expanded those businesses into a much larger market. We had the chance to sit down with him and get to know a little more about his co working space, Troy Innovation Garage. 

Also, housed within the walls of Troy Innovation Garage, the three-year incubator program Spark Exchange will present its members with modern working space and essential amenities. On top of entry into a collaborative ecosystem,  it will consist of like-minded entrepreneurs and established businesses.