I-Corps Short Course at UAlbany

The NSF I-Corps Short Course is coming to UAlbany from October 18th-November 1st! Students, researchers and startups are invited to register for this free, 2 week entrepreneurial training course hosted by the UAlbany Innovation Center in the Massry Center for Business. The 2 week course will be broken up into 5 sessions, 2 in-person to kick off the program, 2 online to share progress and check in and 1 final session where teams give their final presentations. The course will be taught by Anthony Testa from RIT Saunders College of Business and Bob Manasier, the EIR and New Ventures Manager for the UAlbany Innovation Center and Innovate 518.

Teams of 1-3 will get the opportunity to learn from experienced business professionals by learning how to identify customer segments, develop hypotheses about the value propositions they offer to each segment and effectively find and interview potential customers about their problems and needs. This program helps researchers identify new ways to apply their current or future research to solve real-life challenges. Click the link here to apply: https://airtable.com/shr50KK1R4BRYVfLV