Innovative Internships: Beahive Coworking Space Draws Student Entrepreneurs to Downtown Albany (via UAlbany News)

The companies operate out of Beahive, a coworking space for entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants, and a partner of Innovate 518, the Capital Region’s Innovation Hot Spot and NYSTAR initiative managed by the University.

Key Capture Energy

For example, a UAlbany student and a recent graduate are working for Key Capture Energy, a company that develops energy storage projects throughout New York and New England.

Working at a startup allows Gregory Mazzaro, a junior business major, to take on greater responsibility than he would likely get at a larger company.

“You get to see everything come together in what forms a business,” said Mazzaro, who said he has always been interested in getting involved in the energy industry. “No one works on just one specific thing; whether it’s land acquisition or budgeting, we all work together.”

Getting to work on statewide initiatives such as Gov. Cuomo’s mission of storing 1,500 megawatts of energy by 2025 is the most meaningful aspect of the Key Capture Energy internship, said Ryan Andrews,  a 2016 graduate of the University’s School of Business.

“It’s been cool to see that so many companies want to work in unison with us in setting the precedent in New York for energy-saving goals,” said Andrews, who minored in sustainability.

This is the first summer that the startup has could hire interns since opening operations in Albany in 2016, according to Dan Fitzgerald, co-founder and chief development officer of Key Capture Energy.

Fitzgerald, also a UAlbany graduate, said that with an expanded team, the company will be able to tackle one of their biggest projects for the year – installing four large energy storage units in the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Stillwater, N.Y.

- via UAlbany News 

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