#INTHENEWS: "Kathryn Cartini, Tyler Wrightson selected to national list of influential young executives" via Albany Business Review !

Kathryn Cartini of Chloe Capital, and Tyler Wrightson of Leet Cyber Security and Stacks Espresso Bar, have been selected to a national list of influential young executives.

The Business Journals’ Influencers: Rising Stars spotlights 100 people in business across the country who are having an impact relatively early in their careers on their companies and their communities. And, because they’re still early in their careers, these executives could be shaping how business gets done in cities across the country for years to come.

Cartini is a partner and co-founder of Chloe Capital, CMO at Upstate Venture Connect and CEO and founder of Peacock Media LLC. After spending a decade in journalism, Cartini is now a storyteller of a different kind: helping entrepreneurs and venture capital companies connect to create a stronger startup ecosystem in upstate New York. Ultimately, her dream is to help other people’s entrepreneurial dreams come true — and help reshape upstate in the process.

Wrightson is founder of Leet Cyber Security, which mimics hackers to pinpoint weaknesses in businesses’ security and prevent potential threats. He is the owner of Stacks Espresso Bar, a coffee shop with two locations in Albany, one in Boston and one opening soon in Troy. Wrightson also opened a co-working space this year in the Arcade building in downtown Albany across the hall from one of the Stacks locations. The side projects keep going. Wrightson puts it this way — When asked what the next thing is on his bucket list, he responded, “To get a bigger bucket.”

Wrightson, Cartini and the rest of the Influencers: Rising Stars were identified in conjunction with editors and staff writers across The Business Journals’ network of more than 40 publications, including the Albany Business Review. The first-of-its kind list draws in large part from the various 40 Under 40 profiles and similar efforts produced by The Business Journals publications over the past year.

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