News-Rating Platform Our.News Joins with the Newseum to Fight “Fake News”


“Start-up Develops Newstrition®  to Help Curb the Misinformation Epidemic “ 

Innovate 518 company Our.News has been having nothing short of a great year and now they are gaining national news recognition. During a panel on October 2nd discussing misinformation at Washington DC’s Newseum, an interactive museum promoting free expression and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it was announced that the online platform will be collaborating with the popular interactive museum. Our.News also announced the launch of Newstrition® , a browser add-on designed to help the public fight misinformaton. Be sure to follow @Our.News for the latest updates on the partnership!

Our.News, a non-partisan, transparent online platform providing validated background information and community ratings for news articles and outlets, will announce a joint venture with the Newseum to present Newstrition®, a web browser extension tool to help educate the news consumer about the news and information being presented. Just in time for midterm elections, the start-up, based in New York’s Capital Region, has developed a way for readers to make informed decisions about what is real, and what is “fake” news. The tool is completely free to all users.

About Our.News: Our.News is a tech start-up devoted to fighting misinformation in the media. Our.News makes it easy for anyone to fact-check and rate the news, arming the public with the tools and information needed to make a quick determination between real and junk news. It uses a combination of crowdsourcing and proprietary algorithms to provide neutral background data, ratings, sources and more. The platform is non-partisan and transparent, providing validated background information on news publishers and presenting the public’s assessment of the veracity of news articles, publishers and journalists. For more information, visit https://Our.News or follow Our.News on Twitter at @OurDotNews.

About the Newseum. The mission of the Newseum, located in Washington, D.C., is to increase public understanding of the importance of a free press and the First Amendment. Visitors experience the story of news, the role of a free press in major events in history, and how the core freedoms of the First Amendment — religion, speech, press, assembly and petition — apply to their lives. Considered one of the most interactive museums in the world, the Newseum has seven levels with 15 galleries and 15 theaters. Exhibits include the 9/11 Gallery Sponsored by Comcast, which displays the broadcast antennae from the top of the World Trade Center; the Berlin Wall Gallery, whose eight concrete sections are one of the largest displays of the original wall outside Germany; and the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery, which features photographs from every Pulitzer Prize–winning entry dating back to 1942. More information:

About the Freedom Forum Institute. The Freedom Forum Institute, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the education and programs partner of the Freedom Forum and the Newseum. The Institute includes the First Amendment Center, the Religious Freedom Center, the Newseum’s education department (NewseumED), special initiatives such as the Power Shift Project, and diversity and inclusion programs. The Institute also supports ongoing programming at the Newseum, including the annual rededication of the Journalist’s Memorial, and “Inside Media” interviews and presentations. More information: