Lithoz America, LLC -




Lithoz America, LLC is a Innovate 518 – Hot Spot Certified Company, working with the UAlbany Innovation Center to start operations in the United States.  Lithoz America is selling Lithoz ceramic 3d printing systems and materials in the United States and Canada.

There is strong interest in this technology, but very few options, all of which are in Europe.  Lithoz is the first ceramic AM company to establish a US presence. Lithoz America will also produce ceramic/resin compositions for sale, and perform feasibility and development projects for customers. 

The interdisciplinary collaboration of specialists in the fields mechanical engineering, process engineering and chemistry has led to the development of a manufacturing system, which allows the production of ceramics suited for industrial and medical use.

This Austrian-based system is specifically intended for the production of highly precise and complex applications. The produced components meet the high demands of density, stability and precision that the ceramics industry and ceramic research requires.

Lithoz’ in-house specialists possess expert knowledge concerning the entire manufacturing process of ceramics. The company offers its customers professional consultations as well as customer-specific solutions along the entire value chain.