In Support of Our Veterans

Veterans Day is an important time to thank and remember those who have served our country and helped defend our freedoms. And in honor of Veterans Day, Innovate 518 reaffirms its commitment to support veterans as they engage in entrepreneurial activities and leverage the tangible skills they developed during their military service.

Why do Veterans Bring to the Start-Up Equation?

Innovate518 is designed to commercialize and fund certified companies, while forming executive teams that perform. Veterans are an excellent add to a founder or entrepreneurial team because they bring the project mindset to act -- not just to brainstorm and research.

Veterans also bring balance to the idea stage helping to move the company to commercialization. Normal to start-up stage is an ad hoc approach to business and a veteran’s structured experience bring a system mindset and order to potential chaos. This systems approach is key to scaling and presenting a unified team to funders.  

Nicolas Campbell, president of Stonewall Defense, a leading area startup, recently shared with Open Forum, a web resource for entrepreneurs, his thoughts on what military service teaches business owners. He offered the following insight, “A veteran's greatest skill is an uncanny and nearly unparalleled ability to independently solve complex tasks with little to no guidance. Service members are entrusted with missions of the utmost importance to national security and with the lives of their subordinates. They're given tasks and told to 'make it work.' As such, veterans are accustomed to performing independently at the highest levels while under stress.” Check out the full piece here.

How Can Innovate 518 Help?

Our affiliated partner network offers access to funding sources, facilities, industry expertise and tax incentives and connects veterans with the critical resources needed to successfully launch new businesses in our region.

From incubators and accelerators, to co-working spaces and community and entrepreneurial service providers, Innovate 518 is a rich resource for veterans. One of our affiliate partners, the Michael R. McNulty Center for Entrepreneurial Activity, is a shared space of resources exclusively for veteran entrepreneurs with access to the Arsenal Partnership’s strategic partners and the services they can provide for a growing new business.

While all of Innovate 518’s services are available to veterans, here are a few special upcoming opportunities:

Innovate 518 wishes all veterans happiness, good health and prosperity this 2017 Veterans Day.