#INTHENEWS: CEG unveils “The Research Connection” to highlight local academic R&D projects

ALBANY, NEW YORK – Capital Region colleges and universities saw a 5.9 percent annual increase in R&D expenditures in fiscal 2017, according to a Center for Economic Growth (CEG) study of new data from the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES).


In fiscal 2017, nine institutions spent $598 million on R&D. Local institutions that reported R&D expenditures for NCSES’s annual Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) survey included:


·         Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

·         Albany Medical College

·         Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

·         Siena College

·         Skidmore College

·         Clarkson University Capital Region Campus

·         SUNY Polytechnic Institute

·         Union College

·         University at Albany


“It is because of the robust R&D assets at our colleges and universities that companies such as Applied Materials, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and various startups are investing in the Capital Region to research, develop and commercialize next generation technologies,” said Center for Economic Growth President and CEO Andrew Kennedy. “These R&D stats are impressive, and they make the Capital Region a viable option for companies looking to invest and create jobs.”


Funding Sources

Federal funds supported $192.6 million in Capital Region university R&D expenditures in fiscal 2017, up 16.2 percent from the previous year. Contributing to that gain was SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s 2015 designation as the lead institution for the public-private partnership known as the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics). This program is being funded with a $110 million federal grant, $250 million from New York State and $250 million in private support to buy equipment and to support operations over five years.


“With support from the Department of Defense, AIM Photonics is proud to enable next-generation photonics R&D and commercialization opportunities through its state-of-the-art facilities at both SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Albany campus, as well as our TAP Facility in Rochester, New York, providing an open-access environment with world-class test, assembly, and packaging capabilities,” said Dr. Michael Liehr, AIM Photonics CEO and SUNY Poly Executive Vice President for Innovation and Technology. “The interest that AIM Photonics has received from its academic, government, and industry partners from around the nation, including more than 100 signed members of the initiative, is a testament to the powerful ecosystem that AIM is enabling right here in New York State.”  


Nonprofit organizations drove $72.6 million in university R&D expenditures, up 183.2 percent from the previous year. The lion’s share of that increased nonprofit funding was at SUNY Poly. Institutions, namely UAlbany and RPI, also spent more of their own funds on R&D, totaling $135.7 million, up 25.3 percent from fiscal 2016. 


Research Fields

Life sciences R&D expenditures totaled $107.6 million in fiscal 2017, up 2.4 percent from the previous year. This growth came amid the state’s new $650 million Life Sciences Initiative, which aims to spur the growth of a new, world-class research cluster in this field.


The fastest-growing R&D fields with sizeable expenditures (>$10 million) were social sciences (up 81.8 percent to $19 million); physical sciences (up 53.2 percent to $24.4 million); geosciences, atmospheric sciences, and ocean sciences (up 51.5 percent to $31.4 million); computer and information science (up 29.1 percent to $14.6 million); and all non-science and engineering fields (up 12.2 percent to $24.9 million).



“One the region’s most active life sciences clusters is centered around the University at Albany‘s Health Sciences Campus and School of Public Health in East Greenbush, and one of the largest clusters of atmospheric sciences researchers in the country are based just across the Hudson River on the main campus in Albany. Together, they put UAlbany and the Capital Region at the leading edge of critical work that will shed light on the linkages among weather, climate and public health in the decades to come,” said James Dias, UAlbany’s vice president for research. “Pursuing these important cross-disciplinary opportunities and fostering regional collaborations is central to UAlbany’s role as research institution in making the Capital Region a powerful draw for biotech and weather enterprises.”


The Research Connection


For examples of life sciences-related R&D being conducted by researchers at Capital Region colleges and universities and others throughout the SUNY system, see CEG’s The Research Connection, a new quarterly feature in the organization’s e-newsletter, The CEG Indicator.


The Research Connection highlights R&D being conducted by researchers at Capital Region colleges and universities and others throughout the SUNY system. The Research Connection spotlights academic R&D in CEG’s focus technology sectors: Nanotechnology and Semiconductors, Cleantech/Energy, Biotechnology, Advanced Materials, Population Health Technology and Information Technology. Each edition of The Research Connection will highlight several research projects in a specific technology sector. The Research Connection will keep CEG investors and CEG Indicator subscribers informed on the cutting-edge R&D that is being conducted by SUNY and other academic researchers that could potentially transform their industries. It will also encourage collaboration, patent, licensing and other opportunities.


CEG Activities

CEG and its Business Growth Solutions (BGS) unit leverage the Capital Region’s R&D assets to do the following:

·         Promote the region around the world at industry conferences;

·         Improve startups’ access to labs at facilities, such as those at SUNY Poly and Albany Medical College’s Biomedical Acceleration and Commercialization Center (BACC);

·         Accelerate commercialization by leveraging tech scouting, gathering technology-driven market intelligence, engaging Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) for testing and development;

·         Develop prototypes with its Stratasys F270 3D printer at the Tech Valley Center of Gravity or provide hand-on access to it;

·         Assist in the preparation of grant applications for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and Small Business Technology Transfer Program; and

·         Identify potential investors and providing venture pitch coaching through the VentureB series.


For additional information or to talk to CEG President and CEO Andrew Kennedy, please contact CEG Director of Research and Communications James Schlett at 518-465-8975 X221 or jamess@ceg.org.


About CEG

The Center for Economic Growth (CEG) is the Capital Region’s primary regional economic development organization, with over 230 investors in business, government, education, and the not-for-profit sectors. CEG is a New York Empire State Development Division of Science, Technology and Innovation-designated Regional Technology Development Center and an affiliate of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)/Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

(News Release Courtesy of CEG)


#INTHENEWS: "Kathryn Cartini, Tyler Wrightson selected to national list of influential young executives" via Albany Business Review !

Kathryn Cartini of Chloe Capital, and Tyler Wrightson of Leet Cyber Security and Stacks Espresso Bar, have been selected to a national list of influential young executives.

The Business Journals’ Influencers: Rising Stars spotlights 100 people in business across the country who are having an impact relatively early in their careers on their companies and their communities. And, because they’re still early in their careers, these executives could be shaping how business gets done in cities across the country for years to come.

Cartini is a partner and co-founder of Chloe Capital, CMO at Upstate Venture Connect and CEO and founder of Peacock Media LLC. After spending a decade in journalism, Cartini is now a storyteller of a different kind: helping entrepreneurs and venture capital companies connect to create a stronger startup ecosystem in upstate New York. Ultimately, her dream is to help other people’s entrepreneurial dreams come true — and help reshape upstate in the process.

Wrightson is founder of Leet Cyber Security, which mimics hackers to pinpoint weaknesses in businesses’ security and prevent potential threats. He is the owner of Stacks Espresso Bar, a coffee shop with two locations in Albany, one in Boston and one opening soon in Troy. Wrightson also opened a co-working space this year in the Arcade building in downtown Albany across the hall from one of the Stacks locations. The side projects keep going. Wrightson puts it this way — When asked what the next thing is on his bucket list, he responded, “To get a bigger bucket.”

Wrightson, Cartini and the rest of the Influencers: Rising Stars were identified in conjunction with editors and staff writers across The Business Journals’ network of more than 40 publications, including the Albany Business Review. The first-of-its kind list draws in large part from the various 40 Under 40 profiles and similar efforts produced by The Business Journals publications over the past year.

Get the full article here

(Via Albany Business Review )





In the growing world of “fake news”, Our.News combats misinformation by making it easy for anyone to fact-check and rate news themselves, essentially, crowdsourcing fact-checking and also have a news-ratings component. Partnered with the UAlbany Innovation Center for news stories around the world. Founded by Richard Zack in 2016 out of Troy, NY, it is a new approach to determine the truth in news. Using Our.News you can rate the truth of any news article yourself, it is then computed into ratings across the community, and delivers back an overall score of the truth based on four metrics: Spin, Trust, Accuracy and Relevance.




Peak Neuro Group is leading the way experts view neurological procedures. A UAlbany Innovation Center company based in Troy, N.Y., Founder Michael Riley and the Peak Neuro Group offer hospitals throughout the Capital Region with what they say is a new and safer way to preform procedures. The company provides intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM) equipment to assess a patient’s nervous system during high-risk procedures as well as trained, high-caliber clinicians to provide additional guidance to the surgical team. This technology can be used to eliminate the deciding factor of positive surgical outcomes or permanent neurological injury.




Trophecase is a BizLab NY Startup Company based out of Albany, NY. Founded by Hunter Moffatt, Trophecase is changing the way athletes of all ages network and gain exposure. The mobile application provides athletes with a personal multimedia profile that combines sports statistical data with social media networking capabilities. Whether you’re looking to put all your current sports pages and highlights in one place for recruiters, or build your TropheCase from scratch, you'll find it there.




Pharmaceutic Labs is a BACC company based out of the Capital Region founded by Ernesto Samuel, a St. Rose Undergraduate who obtained his M.B.A at St. John’s University. Pharmaceutic Labs was founded in 2013 with the vision to be the outsourcing pharmaceutical distributor facility of choice for admixing, compounding and specialty products, and providing some of the best patient care in North America.

Partner News: FuzeHub's Commercialization Competition 2018 Finalists Announced


FuzeHub’s Commercialization Competition features a pitch competition showcasing innovative early stage companies, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Entering  its second year hosting the Commercialization Competition, part of the Jeff Lawrence Innovation Fund, the $350,000 Commercialization Competition is a two-day event in Albany. Up to seven companies will be awarded $50,000 each to help move their projects forward.


There is an exciting lineup of start-up companies will compete on November 7-8.


To learn about the finalists and read the full press release click here.


Join FuzeHub to hear the finalists' presentation pitches, celebrate entrepreneurship, and participate in launching these businesses toward success at the Albany Capital Center!


Finalists Include:

  • Algorhythm Technologies

  • AlliedMicrobiota

  • Bonbouton

  • Capro-X Inc.

  • Dynamic Boundaries, Inc. 

  • ecoLong LLC

  • FlexSurface, Inc.

  • Go Figure, Inc.

  • Hoplite Power Inc.

  • Íko Systems

  • KIRSH Helmets

  • Light Green Machines, LLC

  • Lux Semiconductors

  • Mechanismic Inc.

  • Mohawk Machine Works, LLC

  • RemWell LLC

  • VitaMe Technologies, Inc

  • Volt-Air Technologies

Introducing the Tully Rinckey PLLC Business Navigator Program!

October 1, 2018 – Albany, N.Y. – Tully Rinckey PLLC is pleased to announce the launch of its unique, one-of-a-kind business tool. Tully Rinckey Business Navigator provides an affordable, dynamic, legal service and guidance program that new business startups and existing small businesses can successfully leverage in today’s marketplace.

TR Business Navigator gives new business startups and small businesses the ability to network to obtain crucial business needs, such as banking, consulting, venture capital and more. Clients will have access to TR Business Navigator attorneys who can help with everything from business formation options, such as choosing the right legal entity, to creating an operating agreement checklist as well as employment policies to protect their business.

“At Tully Rinckey PLLC, we truly believe that our business is your success. This tool is different from other programs because it provides immediate solutions and services. Clients will be able to interact with attorneys at a firm that will partner, grow and support them throughout their new business lifecycle,” said Tully Rinckey PLLC Founding Partner Mathew B. Tully.

The TR Business Navigator can change the game for business owners. Because differently sized and positioned businesses are in need of varied levels of legal support, the TR Business Navigator provides three levels of services, specifically tailored to your needs. Services include human resources overview, confidentiality agreements, access to live and remote business seminars, establishment of LLC partnership or corporation, review of contracts, intellectual property agreements and more.

Tully Rinckey’s broad business law experience is bolstered by a family of ancillary, but relatable areas of law. We are uniquely positioned to offer superior legal support and advice regarding new business startups and existing small businesses.

For more information about Tully Rinckey PLLC’s plans to assist businesses with the TR Business Navigator, please contact Media Relations Associate Lindsay Nielsen at (518) 640-3667 or via email at lnielsen@tullylegal.com.

(Article via Tullylegal.com)

News-Rating Platform Our.News Joins with the Newseum to Fight “Fake News”


“Start-up Develops Newstrition®  to Help Curb the Misinformation Epidemic “ 

Innovate 518 company Our.News has been having nothing short of a great year and now they are gaining national news recognition. During a panel on October 2nd discussing misinformation at Washington DC’s Newseum, an interactive museum promoting free expression and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it was announced that the online platform will be collaborating with the popular interactive museum. Our.News also announced the launch of Newstrition® , a browser add-on designed to help the public fight misinformaton. Be sure to follow @Our.News for the latest updates on the partnership!

Our.News, a non-partisan, transparent online platform providing validated background information and community ratings for news articles and outlets, will announce a joint venture with the Newseum to present Newstrition®, a web browser extension tool to help educate the news consumer about the news and information being presented. Just in time for midterm elections, the start-up, based in New York’s Capital Region, has developed a way for readers to make informed decisions about what is real, and what is “fake” news. The tool is completely free to all users.

About Our.News: Our.News is a tech start-up devoted to fighting misinformation in the media. Our.News makes it easy for anyone to fact-check and rate the news, arming the public with the tools and information needed to make a quick determination between real and junk news. It uses a combination of crowdsourcing and proprietary algorithms to provide neutral background data, ratings, sources and more. The platform is non-partisan and transparent, providing validated background information on news publishers and presenting the public’s assessment of the veracity of news articles, publishers and journalists. For more information, visit https://Our.News or follow Our.News on Twitter at @OurDotNews.

About the Newseum. The mission of the Newseum, located in Washington, D.C., is to increase public understanding of the importance of a free press and the First Amendment. Visitors experience the story of news, the role of a free press in major events in history, and how the core freedoms of the First Amendment — religion, speech, press, assembly and petition — apply to their lives. Considered one of the most interactive museums in the world, the Newseum has seven levels with 15 galleries and 15 theaters. Exhibits include the 9/11 Gallery Sponsored by Comcast, which displays the broadcast antennae from the top of the World Trade Center; the Berlin Wall Gallery, whose eight concrete sections are one of the largest displays of the original wall outside Germany; and the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery, which features photographs from every Pulitzer Prize–winning entry dating back to 1942. More information:   www.newseum.org

About the Freedom Forum Institute. The Freedom Forum Institute, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the education and programs partner of the Freedom Forum and the Newseum. The Institute includes the First Amendment Center, the Religious Freedom Center, the Newseum’s education department (NewseumED), special initiatives such as the Power Shift Project, and diversity and inclusion programs. The Institute also supports ongoing programming at the Newseum, including the annual rededication of the Journalist’s Memorial, and “Inside Media” interviews and presentations. More information:   www.freedomforuminstitute.org