333 Broadway, Troy, NY 12180

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IgniteU NY, powered by NYSTEC, is an independent, industry-agnostic program focused on developing the entrepreneurs of New York State.  Through an extremely collaborative environment, IgniteU unites innovators and proactively connects them to an entrepreneurial network spanning Upstate New York and beyond.  Located in Troy, NY, IgniteU offers various programs to connect startups with their community and help them develop a wide range of entrepreneurial skills.  Programs include:

·         Startup Foundations 101 – Coupled with in-person meetups, this self-paced, virtual course teaches students the basics of entrepreneurship.

·         Accelerator – Through class sessions, mentoring, workshops, and access to a wide network, IgniteU teaches innovators how to get to the next critical point in their startups.

·         Emerging Trends Showcase – These events unite thought leaders, industry experts, relevant startups, and community stakeholders under a common theme, bringing them together to network and share innovative ideas.

·         Commercialization Services – Expedite and facilitate the adoption and transformation of research laboratory intellectual property and advanced technologies to spur innovation.

NYSTEC is an independent, not-for-profit technology consulting company. Created by NYS legislation and incorporated in 1996, NYSTEC helps spur economic development and leverage technologies and expertise from the Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY. Following successful projects with NYS government, NYSTEC evolved into a trusted technology advisor to government agencies and organizations, public-sector entities, and other institutions. NYSTEC is based in Rome, with offices in Albany and New York City.

To learn more about IgniteU, visit http://www.igniteuny.com.

To learn more about NYSTEC, visit https://www.nystec.com.